Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tournament Results

Back from the tournament, and I gotta say- the list was fun. Though it didn't fare so well, it was still fun. Placed above another Tau player at least! It was pretty funny that my buddy Ryan needed an army so I let him scrap together some of my Chaos stuff and he fielded a 1750 all Thousand Sons list (and did better than me!). Anyways- my match ups:

1st round! Imperial Guard. They've been showing up at the tournaments alot lately. Can't blame them for having an awesome new codex though. I played Ben this round, and games between us are usually brutal and one-sided. The first time I played him last tourny, I almost table him, then we played a week ago and he almost tabled me, and this tournament, we drew (pitched battle, seize ground), but I had 8 killpoints to his 1.


-In the first round, I took out an Eradicator, Exterminator, and 2 Chimeras. The next turn I took out his Medusa.
-Only lost 1 squad of outflanking Kroot which prevented his forces from coming my way.
-As static Tau vs Static Guard you can guess how this went. I got the first volley and gimped him.
-Ben piled bodies on his objective and forced a draw.

Next I played Nic who ran Eldar. He had Eldrad (boo!) Yriel, and 2 10m squads of Harlies. Throw in a few other troops and you get his list. The game went downhill for me because Eldar super units tend to make an annoying amount of saves. Here's what happened:

-Dawn of War annihilation
-I couldn't kill his 1 fortuned Wave Serpent in the first turn
-Every turn for the rest of the game the unit just ate one of mine in assault
-Every time I shot at it, he wouldn't die. *shrug* Not much else I can do
-My suits and Firewarriors beat a Harlie squad in assault. Go FW!
-I lost by 4 KPs

After that I played Royce in what has probably been my most fun game in a few months. He and I are both ardent believers in comical trash talking, and there was plenty of fist shaking to be had on both sides of the table. Royce played Nidzilla, with a ton of big dudes. Highlight time!

-I deployed well, I believe. I had Kroot protecting my flank as he had outflanking Genestealers and it was Quarters/Multi-objective.
-Rascal stole the initiative! Then he put a few wounds on me and moved forward.
-My turn. I made a monstrous creature and a half disappear.
-Genestealers come in and wreck the Kroot
-Lackluster shooting by my Hammerhead and FW squad fails to kill the Genestealers.
-Genestealers run through FW, and into my Broadsides/Pathfinders.
-Broadsides and Pathfinders go 3 turns with Genestealers.
-I rolled snake eyes for insane heroism right when I need it!
-Ultimately lost too many units and couldn't kill anymore Carnifexes

Next tourny I'll most likely be running Chaos, but I have lots of play-testing to do before then!

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