Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Funny list I tried


Or at least that was the idea. I wanted to see how an all-missle Tau army would perform. Not too shabby actually!

Here's what I fielded:

3 Skyrays (with Smart missles systems of course)
2 squads of 2 Pirahnas (with 3 seekers each and fusion blasters)
Squad of 8 Pathfinders (Devilfish has 2 seekers)
2 6m squads of Firewarriors
3 Squads of Crisis Suits with Missle pods and Burst cannons. (TL had Targetting array and Plasma)
1 HQ with TL-Missle Pod and Plasma.

Ready? Set! MISSLES!

I played this against a necron army consisting of Immortals and 71 warriors with 2 lords with rez orbs. The game ended early because the store was closing and the technical score was a win for the Tau (1 objective for the Tau- contesting the Necrons objective- and no one on the third). We rolled and the game would've gone to turn 7, and I was 2 models from phasing him out :)

Gonna have to try this one another time. Definitely one of the more fun list I've played.