Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Funny list I tried


Or at least that was the idea. I wanted to see how an all-missle Tau army would perform. Not too shabby actually!

Here's what I fielded:

3 Skyrays (with Smart missles systems of course)
2 squads of 2 Pirahnas (with 3 seekers each and fusion blasters)
Squad of 8 Pathfinders (Devilfish has 2 seekers)
2 6m squads of Firewarriors
3 Squads of Crisis Suits with Missle pods and Burst cannons. (TL had Targetting array and Plasma)
1 HQ with TL-Missle Pod and Plasma.

Ready? Set! MISSLES!

I played this against a necron army consisting of Immortals and 71 warriors with 2 lords with rez orbs. The game ended early because the store was closing and the technical score was a win for the Tau (1 objective for the Tau- contesting the Necrons objective- and no one on the third). We rolled and the game would've gone to turn 7, and I was 2 models from phasing him out :)

Gonna have to try this one another time. Definitely one of the more fun list I've played.


  1. Markerlights and seeker-spam do make for a fun list, although less so since 5th ed, as cover saves against seeker missiles are a real pain. I have been playing with some unusual Tau lists and units recently, although I haven't tried three skyrays at once!

  2. 3 Skyrays are actually quite effective at anything that isn't a 2+ save or AV 14. To boot- they can shoot at 2 different things a turn.

    I've found a huge amount of success in using 18-24 inch range weapons in profusion on all my units. Hovering this close to the enemy requires some fine positioning, but it allows you to both back up, or shoot forward if needed.

    The fact that you're unloading a torrent of shots from that range is a plus as well.