Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tournament Report!

This is a report of my first tournament I wrote for ATT almost a year ago. My lists and tactics have come quite a long way since then- but I am curious to see how I could play this list today...

My reworked list [summarized for convenience]

'El with BC and AFP
3x 12 man FW squads
1x 6 man Pathfinders
1x Devilfish with MT DPod
1x Railhead
2x Sniper Drone Teams
1x 2 man Crisis with Flamer and TL-Plasma
1x 2 man B.A.S.S.

Toss in a few seekers and extra markerlights and you get ~1350.

My Opponents:

1 Deathwing Assault- He played as expected. Ran 1 deepstriking Terminator squad and a bunch of Rhinos and Razorbacks with 5 man combat squads and 2 Dreads toting Lascannons. I played him in Pitched Battle/Annihilation

1 Super Mobile Eldar- A kid also doing his first tournament. Ran some Striking Scorpions, Swooping Hawks, Farseer, Dark Reapers, Dire Avengers, Rangers, a Fire Prism, and the bane to my existance- a Wave Serpent I played him in Dawn of War/Seize Ground.

1 Well-Balanced Eldar- None other then my best buddy who I was beating in points by 3. He fielded 2 Wave Serpents, Fire Dragons, Dark Reapers, Autarch, Warp Spiders, Striking Scorpions, Guardians, Dire Avengers, Farseer. I tend to have a fair bit of trouble against him because he seems to hit me on the front, side, and rear all at once. Predictably, it turned it into an exceptionally brutal match. At the end of turn 4, I had 15 Firewarriors left, a Devilfish, and my Crisis team. He had 3 Scorpions and a Wave Serpent. At the end we both got a draw giving me 3rd and him 4th. We played a Spearhead/Take and Hold (4 Objectives)

What went wrong:

Deathwing- My lesson to stay mobile was learned here. My opponent quickly crunched every static element in my army leaving me about 700 points down. I made a few mistakes of where and how to move Firewarriors to keep them from being assaulted. The rest of the game was an uphill struggle to even kill 1 squad.

Mobile Eldar- Fire Prisms hurt And I deployed like a moron giving him 2 turns of cover and movement before I could really start bringing the pain. On a wide open desert table, I should've given myself the best lines of fire, instead I obstructed almost all of my units.

Balanced Eldar- I let my B.A.S.S., a FW team, and 2 Sniper teams all get multi-assaulted by his Warp Spiders and Scorpions. I kept all my units too bunched together so he could easily steamroll through most of them in a single turn. I also let my Pathfinders get too much fresh air, and got blasted away by Dark Reapers that gave them no cover saves. They just don't understand how to duck, ya'know?

What I learned:

Deathwing- Stay mobile. Once I popped all 3 of his transports in 1 turn, it was VERY easy to stay out of arms reach. He couldn't even catch my B.A.S.S. when I forced him to run through difficult terrain to reach them. Also; railgunning Rhinos is fun! Pen on 2+ anyone? Yes please!

Mobile Eldar- Going first in Dawn of War now invokes the following thought process; "First turn? Woohoo! Free movement to put my guys anywhere I want to blow your guys into dust whenever I want!" Mobility really showed its power in this match. I was able to get Firewarriors across 2 long table edges and a short edge to take his objective. Multitrackers on my Devilfish also made itself useful. When I can spare the points, I'll definitely be bringing these along

Balanced Eldar- Tank Shocking is valuable tactic. Alone, it killed 2 units of enemies; Dark Reapers and Guardians. Seeker missles are also a god-send against Dark Reapers providing you can remove their cover. I became quite impressed with my Hammerhead this match as it blew 1 of his troops choices completely off the board in 1 turn, and Fire Dragons the next. A mounted FW squad zoomed around and gave me a 24" bubble of rapid-firing Pulse Rifles to work with- I can only imagine if I had 2... Spacing out my individual models was a huge help to me as well- it allowed only 5 Pathfinders to meet a Dark Reaper demise. This match also served as a reinforcement to the earlier notion that mobility was survivability.

Overall I was extremely pleased with how I did, and I thank ATT for all the great ideas! They never saw 'em coming

Wargear of Choice: DF Multi-Tracker!
Cannon Fodder: Sniper Drones!
Weapon of Choice: Mounted FW team!
MVP: TL-Plasma Crisis team! They really pulled their weight. An estimated 200-300 points a match can be credited to these guys.

My opponents were actually: Chase (Ravenwing), Caleb (Eldar with Fire Prism), Stephen (Balanced Eldar).

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