Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First up!

Just some introduction: I'm Jacob- and this is a blog about 40k. I've been mainly playing Tau for over a year, but I'm branching off into other armies such as Chaos. I have a few guardsmen and Necrons floating around too, but I can't quite afford them yet. I'm still learning, and compared to most players in this game- I haven't been playing nearly as long. This is the place where I'll mainly post my Bat-reps and what I've been getting schooled in lately.

I mainly play up at Parker Banner Kent and Wayne in Cornelius, North Carolina. See -> http://www.pbkwcomics.com/. The owner, Matt, is super friendly and hospitable, and more than willing to play games with his customers. I mean, how many places can you play a game with the owner?

I also frequent Advanced Tau Tactica for various tips/hints/strategies. See -> http://advancedtautactica.com. Good read for anyone interested in Tau!

Our local game group also have a web forums set up and run by the resident Chaos Demons player DC. We are currently developing a "Tenets of 5th Edition" about the various aspects of the game. Check it out! See -> http://www.assaultphase.com/assaultphase/. We run all sorts of special events there as well, such as Zombie Bash, Buggy Races, Apocalypse games, and monthly tournaments with an average turnout of about 14-16 players. We're extremely competitive- but very friendly and fun. If you live close- try to come out and get a game in! Chances are- there is always someone ready for a game.

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